10385 - Duathlon

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10385 - Duathlon

Postby hotovaga » Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:42 pm

Can anyone tell me what is the problem in my code? I've just learnt ternary search from wikipedia and tried to implement it..I would be very happy if someone tell me why this code is judged as WA
Thanks in advance. here is my code:

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using namespace std;

int res=0,c;
float r,k;
float contestant[25][2];
float precval=0.001;

int dist;
int ternary_search(float left,float right,float precval);
float f(float run_dist);

int main()
   int i,j;


         cout<<"The cheater cannot win."<<endl;
         printf("The cheater can win by %d seconds with r = %.2fkm and k = %.2fkm.\n",res,r,k);

return 0;

int ternary_search(float left,float right,float precval)
      return 0;

   float first_third=(left*2+right)/3;
   float last_third=(left+right*2)/3;
//   cout<<first_third<<" "<<last_third<<endl;
   float l1=f(first_third),l2=f(last_third);
      return ternary_search(first_third,right,precval);
   else if(l1>=l2)
      return ternary_search(left,last_third,precval);

float f(float run_dist)
   float cyc_dist=dist-run_dist;
   float t=10000000000000,tempt;

   for(int i=0;i<c-1;i++){
      if(tempt<t) t=tempt;
   float cheater_t=run_dist/contestant[c-1][0]+cyc_dist/contestant[c-1][1];

   return (t-cheater_t)*3600;
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